Bespoke Child’s Bed

We love all our projects, but every once in a while we get asked to do something a little different, and tremendously fun.

This cabin bed was designed for the four-year-old son of our former clients. They envisaged something imaginative and playful, interactive and completely unique, with as much floor space left free for playing as possible. No ordinary bed would do for this little boy, nor would it for Folio.

After much arm wrestling and bribes to decide who got to design this one, Lester triumphantly took to the drawing board and created an extraordinary cabin bed with very special features.

There’s a bookcase and play area which can only be accessed by climbing up and into a snug corner; a desk with pin spot display shelves; and a flowing curved staircase to the upper level punctuated with niches and cubbies for treasured items.

The upper level is where the unique elements of the design really come alive. A hand-painted, layered 3D mural features a network of cogs and pulleys that connect to the snug below, unifying the playful theme and enabling the boy and his friends to lift books and toys between the levels. Lester recognised the need for mechanical as opposed to electronic interaction, in order to enhance the boy’s immediate environment rather than distract from it. The structure was designed to feed his love for making and building things with his own hands, and encourage inhabitation in creative, exciting ways.

Oh yes, and there’s a bed. Not that we expect much sleeping happens here – there’s too much fun to be had.

– Folio.

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