Interiors Styling through In-House Renders

Photo-realistic renders are a great tool for showing off a finished design, but we also find then to be a powerful tool in the creative process.

We often build our projects in 3D modelling software as we design, changing detailing, styling and materials to create the exact look and feel our clients desire. And because we have these facilities in-house, we can quickly explore other style directions without impacting the programme.

The renders above are a great example of how a space can change and develop. For this internal exercise we’ve kept the furniture and room layout the same but altered the detailing to dramatic effect. Beginning with a very classical architecture and a neutral palette, we changed the material of the columns to metal and stained glass screens, which opened up the colour palette to include rich teals and fiery coppers. These few simple moves can create an entirely different experience.


– Folio.

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